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Panther Family History Book

Moriz Panther and Elizabeth Birk - Their Descendants and Ancestors
2nd Edition

Hardcover or Softcover.

View the documentation showing the ancestors shown in the book.

Print out these pages and put them in your First Edition book so you have the latest information.

Page vi, page viii

Part 1
Page 4, Page 10, Page 12, Page 13, Page 14

Part 3
Page 68, Page 69, Page 74

If you donate a Panther family history book to a library or organization, please let me know. I'll list them here so we don't duplicate our efforts or costs. Thank you!
- A copy has been donated to the West Point Library.
- A copy has been donated to the Mount Pleasant Library.
- A copy has been donated to the Burlington Library.

Breakthrough for Elizabeth Dunzinger!

I've created a separate page for the Dunzinger family, which can be found here.

Panther Family History Charts

Here are some full-sized family tree charts you can have printed yourself.

If you have a particular chart you're looking for but can't find it here, please send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

Right-click the link and select "Save as" or "Save link as" or "Save target as" and save the file to your USB drive. Bring this chart to your local FedEx Office store or similar printer. Have them print it up full size which is noted next to each chart (width X height). Either hang it on your wall, roll it and keep it somewhere safe or carefully fold it and put it with your book. You can print them on normal 8.5 X 11 inch paper if you like but the text will be quite small. You can print them in color or grayscale but color will be more expensive.

The full tree in the book except no ancestor's siblings: Full Tree - 36 inches X 48 inches

Moriz Panther Decendants (2 generations): Moriz Panther Decendants - 24 inches X 30 inches

Moriz Panther Ancestors: Moriz Panther Ancestors - 24 inches X 30 inches

Elizabeth Birk Ancestors: Elizabeth Birk Ancestors - 24 inches X 30 inches

Moriz Traub Descendants (2 generations): Moriz Traub Descendants - 24 inches X 30 inches

Moriz Traub Ancestors: Moriz Traub Ancestors - 24 inches X 12 inches

Helena Kirn Ancestors: Helena Kirn Ancestors - 24 inches X 18 inches

Sebastian Hanle Descendants (2 generations): Sebastian Hanle Descendants - 24 inches X 36 inches

Sebastian Hanle Ancestors: Sebastian Hanle Ancestors - 24 inches X 30 inches